Harvest of God


Tiefling True Fiend3/Conduit2/Pumpkin King 3
Medium Outsider
Hit Die: 4d8+2d6+3d8+24 (68 hp)
Init: ’+’2
Spd: 30 ft., fly 60 ft. (Good)
AC: 24 (’+’2 Dex, ’+’12 magical demon armor)
BA/G: ’+’5/6
Atk: Pumpkin Bomb R21 (8d6 Unholy, 15’ radius, 50’ range) or Acid Vomit ’+’7rt (3d6+3 acid damage, close range- 45’)
S/R: 5ft./5ft.
SpA: Pumpkin Bomb
SpQ: Immortality, Fiendish Traits-abyss, Telepathy, DR 3/Good or Iron, Spheres, Immune to Electricity and Unholy Damage, Children of the Vine, Grow Vines, Pluck the Ripe, Soul of the Harvest
Saves: F’+’8 R’+’7 W’+’10
Abilities: S13 D15 Co16 I23 W16 Ch25
Skills: Bluff ’+’19, Concentration ’+’15, Diplomacy ’+’19, Handle Animal ’+’19, Hide ’+’14, Intimidate ’+’19, KNature, ’+’10, KReligion ’+’18, Move Silent ’+’14, Spellcraft ’+’18,
Feats: Body Assemblage, A Feast Unknown, Projectile Acid Vomit, Wings of Evil, Breath Weapon (Vampiric Touch, 30 ft. line or cone), Whispers of the Otherworld

Spheres: Maleiel has Enhanced Advanced Access to Bone and Death, and Enhanced Basic Access to Plant.
7/day—Command Undead, Death Knell; 6/day—Desecrate, Ghoul Gauntlet; 5/day—Animate Dead, Vampire Touch, Entangle; 4/day—Black Sand, Enervation, Wood Shape, Warp Wood; 3/day—Summon Undead, Raise Dead, Plant Growth; 2/day—Command Plants; 1day—Wall of Thorns

Children of the Vine (Sp): At first level, the Pumpkin King has learned to create the Children of the Vine. As an at-will spell-like ability, you may cast a special version of animate dead to create skeletons, and only skeletons, from bones or corpses. To use this effect, you must place a pumpkin seed in the mouth or eyes of the skulls used.
Vines then creep out of the eyes and wrap themselves around the newly created skeleton’s bones. These Children of the Vine last until the next dawn, and this ability shares a control pool with animate dead. Children of the Vine that fall inert with the Sun’s rise may be reanimated as normal. If a corpse has any flesh remaining upon its bones when animated by this effect, that flesh is scrubbed clean by the vines.

Grow Vines (Sp): A Pumpkin king can grow pumpkin seeds into lush vines with fully ripened fruit at will.
Also at this level, leaves and small vines start to grow out of your hair. If you are an undead creature, these vines and leaves appear brown and dried; otherwise, they are dark green.

Pumpkin Bomb (Su): A 2nd level Pumpkin King may throw a Pumpkin Bomb up to fty feet. He conjures a pumpkin blazing with green and black flames that detonates with unholy energy when it reaches its target. The explosion is 15 feet in radius and inflicts 1d6 per character level of Unholy Damage. A successful Reflex save halves the damage and the Save DC is Charisma based. Throwing a bomb is a full-round action that may be used at will.

Plant Spells: (Plant Sphere, Basic)

Pluck the Ripe (Ex): At 3rd level, any undead you create with spells, class features, or feats have vines and leaves protruding from their bodies. This infestation means that your skeletons have a minimum natural armor bonus equal to your levels in the Pumpkin King class, and they gain immunity to unholy damage.

Soul of the Harvest: At 3rd level, the irises of your eyes become orange and seem to have an inner light. You gain immunity to unholy damage.

Possessions: Magical Demon Armor, Wand of Legion’s Magical Weapon



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