The Oracle



[Elemental Bodied Elemental Weird10/Conduit10/Planar Oracle5]

(Uses Glorious Form to be Huge. Harmless Form allows her to take Medium forms without sacrificing stats)
Huge Outsider (Air, Cold, Earth, Fire, Guardinal, Water, Yugoloth)
Hit Die: 25d6+150 (300 hp)
Int: ’+’6
Spd: 30 ft, Burrow 20’, Climb 30’, Fly 15’ (perfect), Swim 60’
AC: 45 (’+’7 Cha, ’+’10 Natural. ‘-’2 Size, ’+’6 Mage Armor, ’+’14 Shieldbearer ’+’5 Tower Shield of Warding)
BA/G: ’+’13/ ’+’34
Atk: Orb of Energy ’+’19rt (25d6 appropriate energy, plus Fort30 vs 1rnd Sicken/Blind/Entangled/Dazed/Deafened)
Sp/Rch: 15’/15’
SpA: Spheres
SpQ: DV 60’, Immunities, Lay on Hands (300hp/day), Omnimental Bodied, Resist Sonic 10, Telepathy, Wilderness Stride, Magical Training
Saves: F+11, R+11, W+23
Abilities: S36, D22, Co22, I23, W25, Ch25
Skills: Balance ’+’8, Escape Artist ’+’18, Gather Info ’+’26, Intimidate ’+’17, Jump ’+’16, KnAny ’+’21, KnDungeoneering ’+’31, Listen ’+’17, Search ’+’16, Sense Motive ’+’17, Sleight of Hand ’+’16, Survival ’+’9, Tumble ’+’18
Feats: Extra Arms(B), Hardiness of the Elements(B), Heighten Spell-Like(B), Primal Fortification(B), Product of Infernal Dalliance (Guardinal), Product of Celestial Dalliance (Yugoloth), Detective, Elemental Binding Craft, Reality Shaper, Master of the Primordial, Greater Teleport, Harmless Form, Ravid’s Hand, Magical Artiface, Fortress MAge

Proficiencies: all simple and martial weapons, the bolas, dire flail, net, scourge, spiked chain, whip and light armor.

Immunities: Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, Petrification, Poison, Sleep, [Compulsion]

Know Weakness (Sp): A Planar Oracle of 3rd level knows its opponents’ weakness. As a swift action, it may pick a saving throw and force one creature that it has line of effect to to roll that save. The oracle learns the total result. If the Oracle uses a spell-like ability on that target that allows the selected save before the beginning of its next turn, the target must use the result it rolled. The Oracle may also use the same result as it got for this ability to overcome the target’s spell resistance, if any. Other creatures, and other saving throw types, are rolled as normal. The Oracle may use this ability ten times per day.

Omnimental Bodied: The Oracle represents the conjunction of all the elements. They possess the special bonus of all Elemental Bodied variants (+2 Con for continuous physical activity, +2 Survival, Balance, Tumble, Escape Artist), shed light as a Daylight spell, opt to deal 1d6 cold with her melee attacks, and have Regen25 in Daylight.

Prescience (Su): In the first round of any combat the Planar Oracle is involved in, before it acts, it may use a spell-like ability granted by any sphere at any time, even when it’s not its turn. If it does so, it loses the action it would use to cast the spell-like ability from its own turn. Also, the Planar Oracle is never flat-footed.

Prescient Dodge: May add Charisma to AC in place of Dex

Primal Fortification: The Oracle’s body is pure plane-stuff, she is immune to critical hits and cannot be flanked.

Speak with Animals: free action, at will, supernatural

Sudden Vision: 10/day, the Planar Oracle may use Identify, Augury, Tongues, Divination, Commune, True Seeing, Vision, or Discern Location as a swift action.

Spheres: The Oracle has the following spheres:
Elemental Embodiment (Expert)
Granted Power: You may use Energy Substitution or Energy Admixture for any element/energy type with any of these spell like abilities
1st: Shocking Grasp
3rd: Orb of [Energy] (with Energy Subs, can use any variety)
5th: Lightning Bolt
7th: Fireball
9th: Cone of Cold
11th: Freezing Fog
13th: Chain Lightning
15th: Lightning Ring
17th: Meteor Swarm
19th: Summon Elemental Monolith

Oracle (Enh. Adv.)
Granted Power: Roll all chances for a divination you cast to work or backfire twice, and take the more advantageous result.
1: identify
3: augury
5: tongues
7: divination
9: commune
11: true seeing
13: vision
15: discern location
17: metafaculty (psionic power)
19: wish (undo misfortune and turn back time only, no exp cost for undo misfortune if you don’t undo the same round more than once)

Creation (Enh. Basic)
Granted Power: You gain a bonus [Item Creation] feat.
1: unseen servant
3: make whole
5: minor creation
7: stone shape
9: major creation
11: fabricate
13: wall of iron
15: magnificent mansion
17: wish (wealth and magic item only for free, spend for raise the dead and increase power of item only)
19: genesis (spc)

Souls (Enh. Basic)
Granted Power: You have a constant deathwatch effect.
1: Bane/Bless
3: Aid/Doom
5: Know Opponent/Know Vulnerabilities
7: Death Ward
9: Raise Dead (becomes Resurrection at 13HD, becomes True Resurrection at 17HD)
11: Animate Objects
13: Greater Arcane Sight
15: Trap the Soul
17: Awaken (affects animals, plants, constructs, undead)
19: Call Planar Force (Abyssal Army/Heavenly Host/Hellish Horde

Plant (Enh. Basic)
Granted Ability: Wilderness Stride
1st: Entangle
3rd: Wood Shape/Wood Warp
5th: Plant Growth
7th: Command Plants
9th: Wall of Thorns
11th: Liveoak
13th: Animate Plants
15th: Control Plants
17th: Shambler
19th: Mass Awaken (trees only)

Splendor (Expert)
Granted Power: You gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive
1: Charm Person
3: Eagle’s Splendor
5: Flame Strike
7: Glorious Form (as monstrous form in the dungeonomicon, except the new form appears glorious instead of monstrous)
9: Sympathy
11: Greater Heroism
13: Planar Ally
15: Sunburst
17: Weird
19: Dominate Monster

Magic (Enh Basic)
Granted Power:+2 to Kn.Arcana, Spellcraft, and Use Magic, all are class skills for you
1: magic missile
3: arcane sight
5: anyspell
7: mnemonic enhancer
9: lesser spell matrix
11: greater anyspell
13: limited wish
15: spell engine
17: antimagic field
19: wish


The Oracle

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