The God of Heresy


Vashar Wiz5/Ur Priest5/Defiler of Temples5/Conduit5 God of Heresy

Medium Outsider (Native, Augmented Humanoid)
Hit Die: 5d4+5d6+10d8+400’*’ (210 hp, 530hp with Power Leech)
Init: ’+’17’*’
Spd: 30 ft.
AC: 42 (’+’17 Dex’*’, ’+’5 shield of warding , ’+’6 greater mage armor , ’+’4 Deflection)
BA/G: ’+’11/14 (’+’20/41’*’)
Atk: 2 Claws ’+’41’*’m (1d4+41); or Unholy Sword ’+’46/41/41/41/41m (
Sp/R: 5 ft/5 ft
SpA: Spells, Spheres,
SpQ: See in Darkness, Cold, Fire and Poison Immune, Telepathy, Acid resist 20, Cold resist 5, Rebuke Undead, Find Traps, Avoid Divine Wrath, Unreproachable Alignment, DSR 30, desecrate, Stolen Power, Mindblank, Enhanced Sphere Access,
Saves: F+23, R+25, W+40
Abilities: S16, D21, Co18, I23, W28, Ch21
Abilities After Power Leech: S53, D44, Co40, I45, W50, Ch43
Skills: Bluff ’+34, Concentration ’+27 Diplomacy ’+34, Gather Info ’+34, KnArcane ’+35, KnReligion ’+26, KnDungeoneering ’+21, KnPlanes ’+38, Sense Motive ’+38, Spellcraft ’+35, Spot ’+37, UMD ’+39
Feats: Product of Infernal Dalliance (Baatorian)(B), Iron Will, Spell Focus, World Shaker, Improved Familiar, Attune Sphere (Magic), Divine Might, Attune Sphere (Violation), Craft of the Soul Stealer, Persistent Spell, Feed the Dark Gods

Spheres: Vebogi has enhanced advanced access to the Heresy sphere, enhanced basic access to the Magic sphere— 13/day—Align Weapon (evil); 12/day—Desecrate; 11/day—Magic Circle Against Good, Magic Missile; 10/day—Unholy Sword, Arcane Sight; 9/day—Lesser Planar Ally, Anyspell; 8/day—Dispel Good, Mnemonic Enhancer; 7/day—Unhallow, Lesser Spell Matrix; 6/day—Blasphemy, Greater Anyspell; 5/day—Gate, Limited Wish; 4/day—Miracle, Spell Engine; 3/day—Antimagic Field; 2/day—Wish

Spells: Vebogi casts as a 5th level wizard and 10th level ur priest:
Typical Wizard Spells Prepared (4/8/6/5; Save DC 37): 0—Arcane Mark, Launch Item(2), Stick; 1—Disguise Self, Magic Aura, Ray of Enfeeblement(3), Ice Dagger(3); 2—See Invisibility(2), Shatter(2), Burning Sword(2); 3—Anticipate Teleportation, Suggestion(2), Secret Page, Flight of the Dragon
Typical Ur Priest Spells Prepares (6/10/10/9/9/8/8/7/6/4; Save DC 40): 0—No Light(2), Detect Magic(4); 1—Doom(4), Obscuring Mist(2), Sanctuary(2), Incite(2); 2—Wave of Grief(5), Darkbolt(4), Deathknell; 3—Slashing Darkness(4), Bestow Curse(3), Darkfire(2); 4—Aligned Wall, Dimensional Anchor, Wrack (3), Castigate, Moon Bolt(3); 5—Righteous Might, Dragon Breath, Earth Reaver, Heart Clutch(3), Flamestrike(2); 6—Mass Inflict Moderate(3), Greater Dispel Magic(2), Cometfall(2), Spider Plague; 7—Wretched Blight(2), Blasphemy, Death by Thorns(2), Rapture of Rupture(2); 8—Evil Weather, Stormrage(2), Fierce Pride of the Beastlands, Heat Drain(6); 9—Plague of Undead, Abyssal Army, Wish(2);
Permanent Spells: Shield of Warding, Divine Power, Greater Mage Armor, Wield Skill, Know Opponent, Know Vulnerabilities, Unholy Aura, General of Undeath, Greater Arcane Sight, True Seeing

Power Leech: Vebogi has captured and put into Stasis a great gold wyrm and an elder air elemental, and leeched their abilities. The great red wyrm has had all but it’s con drained to 0 (its con is at 1), and the air elemental has had it’s dex drained to 0.




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