The Cloak of the Sun

Pelor's Cloak


The cloak Pelor traditionally wears over his shoulders is the color of soft, diffuse sunlight, and, if anything, appears to be woven from threads of golden light. It glows slightly, but only gives off the light of a candle, Pelor’s symbol standing out in stark contrast on the back, embroidered in a dark golden thread.

The cloak grants the wearer the benefits of a constant Magic Circle Against Night Creature effect (effects work against creatures with a sunlight weakness, undead and evil outsiders). In areas of bright light which would have at least a 60’ radius, such as a Daylight spell or actual daylight (the actual radius doesn’t matter, daylight in a 30’ room is as valid as in a 100’ room) the wearer may act as though under the effects of greater invisibility. The wearer may also channel Turn Undead uses into a Dimension Door effect, but this requires a Turning Check as if trying to turn a 7HD undead.


The Cloak of the Sun

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