Dagger of flesh grinding, wounding, and soul sapping

weapon (melee)

This +1 Fleshgrinding, Souldrinking, Wounding Dagger is made of a flat grey substance, like solidified shadow, with only a single platinum coin studding the pommel making it in anyway remarkable. On a successful hit, the dagger deals 1 point of constitution damage and bestows one negative level on the target. On a successful critical hit, it inflicts 1 point of constitution damage, bestows 2 negative levels and its wielder gains 1d8 temporary hp and a +2 enhancement to strength which last for 1 hour. When the weapon deals damage, the wielder may command Foesapper to “Sap” as a free action, and release it, at which point it animates and sinks deeper into the foe. Each round it automatically hits the foe, dealing normal damage for a +1 dagger, and having its usual effects. This sapping function will continue for five rounds. The target or anyone else may attempt to remove the dagger with a DC 25 Strength check.
CL 20, animate objects, energy drain, mage’s sword, +9 weapon, 162,302 gp



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