The Library Space Tome

Boccob's Spellbook


This immense tome, roughly twice the size of a standard spellbook, holds heavy vellum pages, bound in dragonscale covers and adamantine fastenings. It would appear to hold about twice as many pages as a standard spellbook, but if you open it and flip through, it’s quite apparent it holds far more. Inside the front cover is inscribed:

  1. Silence
  2. Books must be returned by the last date stamped
  3. Do not interfere with the nature of causality

The book is a representation of Boccob’s library, the one structure in the multiverse which holds every known spell. As such, it functions as an entrance to the space which connects all libraries. Even mundane texts are physical representations of knowledge. Knowledge is power, power equals energy, which equals matter, which equals mass. The immense magical potential represented by the L-Space Tome creates a portable entrance to this space.
By spending ten minutes reading a specific rite from this book and walking a circle, the bearer creates a small, temporary spectral library, which up to eight creatures may use as an entrance to the demiplane.

Dimensions: 12×16×4″
Weight: 155 lbs


Note: There are 6500 pages in the L-Space Tome, 5164 of them hold the known Wizard spells of every level, the rest are left for notes or newly researched spells.

The Library Space Tome

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