The Sword of the Resolute

The sword of Heironeous

weapon (melee)

This gleaming sword seems to be made of condensed light, with a fuller shaped like a lightning bolt. It is a magical sword which takes the form of whatever sort of sword the wielder chooses and radiates daylight as the spell (CL equal to the character level of the wielder). It is also weightless, which does not affect its ability to damage. Finally, the wielder may perform a one hour ritual at dawn to prepare a single spell they qualify for, which they can then cast a number of times that day equal to their Charisma bonus, either normally, or as part of an attack as with the Spellstoring ability.

1st level and above wielders may prepare

  • Disrupt Undead
  • Divine Inspiration (BoED)
  • Protection from Evil
  • Ray of Hope (BoED)
  • Vision of Heaven (BoED)

3rd level and abover wielders may prepare:

  • Aid
  • Ayailla’s Radiant Burst (BoED)
  • Bless Weapon
  • Lastai’s Caress (BoED)
  • Luminous Armor (BoED)

5th level and above:

  • Celestial Aspect (BoED)
  • Hammer of Righteousness (BoED)
  • Magic Circle Against Evil
  • Magic Vestment

7th level and above:

  • Celestial Brilliance (1 day duration) (BoED)
  • Divine Power
  • Greater Luminous Armor (BoED)
  • Holy Smite
  • Sunmantle (BoED)

9th level and above:

  • Dispel Evil
  • Flame Strike
  • Holy Sword
  • Sicken Evil (BoED)
  • True Seeing

11th level and above:

  • Bolt of Glory (CD)
  • Call Faithful Servants (BoED)
  • Exalted Raiment (BoED)
  • Valiant Steed (1 day duration) (BoED)

13th level and above:

  • Call of Ysgard (BoED)
  • Channel Celestial (BoED)
  • Holy Word
  • Phoenix Fire (BoED)
  • Righteous Glare (BoED)
  • Righteous Smite (BoED)
  • Shield of the Archons (BoED)

15th level and above:

  • Crown of Glory (CD)
  • Holy Aura
  • Last Judgment (BoED)

17th level and above:

  • Armageddon (BoED)
  • Channel Greater Celestial (BoED)
  • Exalted Fury (BoED)

The Sword of the Resolute

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