Bow of the Unicorn

Ehlonna's Bow of Unicorn Magic

weapon (ranged)

This bow seems to be composed of large unicorn horns, likely made for the purpose rather than harvested, both due to the curve of them and their flexibility, as well as the fact that Ehlonna is the last person who would slaughter unicorns for their horns.

In addition to acting as a magic bow, the Bow of the Unicorn allows the wielder to use the Unicorn Sphere (Basic Access):

Unicorn Sphere
Granted Power: Nymph’s Kiss
1st: Goodberry
3rd: Melf’s Unicorn Arrow
5th: Unicorn Horn
7th: Summon Nature’s Ally IV (Unicorn Only, Celestial Charger at 17th level)
9th: Unicorn Blood
11th: Dance of the Unicorn
13th: Unicorn Heart
15th: Unearthly Beauty
17th: Holy Aura
19th: Mass Heal


Bow of the Unicorn

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