Fellowship Clones

Look, I get it, Lord of the Rings was…—is… whatever—one of the biggest fantasy novels we have. And we owe it for Dungeons and Dragons even being a thing.

That said, I am much more a dungeonpunk/magepunk sorta person. Racially biased dwarves and arrogant master race elves can only be done so many times. And maybe I’m a bit bitter because I so seldom got to play goblins with chips on their shoulders or sapient risen skeletons, frozen in an ice body or no, or vermin hiveminds in people suits, or any of quite-possibly-literally-a-thousand other character concepts that you might see in the Saturday morning fantasy cartoons and fantasy CCGs and horror/sci-fi/fantasy movies or video games or comics I grew up on because DMs wanted a world that emulated books written by a man who should have stuck with linguistics and left the creative writing to people who knew when it was appropriate to talk about a song or how long to describe a hill.

I will not stand in anyone’s way if they want to play yet another dwarf who is gruff and drinks and fights with an axe and distrusts elves and magic. But if you want to play a cannibalistic, dinosaur-riding halfling barbarian, I’m going to have a lot more fun running the game around your character. If you want to play a minotaur who quotes obscure plays while blasting his enemies with hellfire, that’s even more fun.

The era of Tolkienesque Fantasy is dead (though they keep trying to reanimate with each new edition of D&D that comes from the withered husk of WotC’s RPG department). Now, with comics and video games and bombastic movies and anime, Fantasy is more like playing Kratos, or Marvel’s Thor in Asgard (although the Fighter class does not help with this).

If you want to play something that would fit in Lord of the Rings, it’s your character and I will not stand in your way, and I will make sure you have just as many opportunities as everyone else, but I’m humouring you.

If you want to play something a little fucking insane, or someone whose personality would be at home in a comic written by a nerd in the 90s, welcome the fuck home.

Fellowship Clones

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