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Apaulos is a relatively low-level world. People above 7th level are rare, and spellcasters of even that level are even more so, because for 10,000 years gods did everything that required or was made easier by magic. Priests were not clerics, they were adepts. Wizardry was an eccentric past time, and magic items were seldom made by mortal hands because gods could create them much more quickly and easily when they were needed.

The gods disappeared roughly a year before the campaign starts, just before people would have replanted the crops and had them blessed by the gods of agriculture. People are not eager to struggle through another harvest that was not touched by divine grace. The ravenings of the undead and disease were almost a blessing of sour grapes as the crops that did grow had fewer people to feed.


Starting Level
Characters start at level 4

Ability Scores
Ability scores are generated by rolling 5d6, rerolling 1s and dropping the two lowest dice before adding the rest. A player can use any set rolled by any player, recorded on the Ability Score Sets page.

I not only am amenable, but encourage characters of any race. Fellowship clones are boring, and I will find you a way that you can play a minotaur or an ogre at fourth level if that’s what you want. Obviously somethings will be inappropriate for the starting level, but I will try to find a way to be accommodating.

Fellowship Clones

There are no restrictions on character class.
The cleric class is new to the world. When the gods were around, there was no need for mortals to practice high magic, the gods were there for all your river-redirecting and disease curing needs. Priests that actually wielded magic were Adepts (their familiars were always the sacred animal of their god, or something similar), while others were generally experts or some other class important to the god.
People have found since the divine disappearance, however, that they must believe more strongly, or in something greater than they did before, and they have found other ways to channel energy. Clerics are still very low level, however, and a character should not have more than two levels of cleric. If a player wishes, I can work out something for an Adept/Cleric multiclass. In general, clerics are “Cause clerics” (ie, they gain their powers from a concept), but a lot of them see themselves as representatives of their gods who are no longer present.

Magic Items
We should talk before you go picking out a 4th level character wealth’s worth of magic items because there weren’t a lot of people making them before a year ago in game, and in that year people generally haven’t gotten very far in learning how to do it themselves.

Other Things
I’m an inveterate game tinkerer, so I have some other stuff I want people to have for their characters.

House Rules


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