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Original Sources of Allowed Tome Material
Tome of Necromancy

  • Necromantic Prestige Classes
  • Necromantic Creation Feats
  • Alternate Rules for Undead
    Tome of Fiends
  • Lower Planes-related Prestige Classes
  • Fiendish Feats
  • Assassin, Jester, Monk and Thief-Acrobat Classes
  • Skill based Prestige Classes and PrCs for the above classes

Until I get everything loaded in here, you can go to those for the additional options. I’m also open to discussing options from other sources.

Aspects and Fate Points are something I took from the Fate system and adapted to D&D because I find they are a good incentive to players to think more about their character and their background, and provide a way to make things more cinematic in a game that lacks any real way to do that.

Going along with that are Backgrounds which likewise describe your character’s history, but rather than being something you use to get a plot currency like your Aspects that describes who your character is today, Backgrounds describe who your character was and provide some minor benefits like a few class skills or some mundane equipment.

Alignment is being removed as mechanical concern. People will of course still talk about good and evil, but Alignment has always been a bit clunky and this makes it a bit easier to justify things like commoners praying to Nerull that he might not take their ailing family member. The Alignment page talks about how Alignment related things are being handled.

Other Things

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