Spheres are thematic sets of spells, like domains, that represent the spell like abilities of magical creatures. They exist in three access levels, Basic, Advanced and Expert, and automatically give a creature or character more spell likes as they increase in level or hit dice.

When you first gain a sphere, you have Basic access, which allows you to use the spells dictated by your level or Hit Dice once per day each, as well as the granted ability of the sphere. If you gain a sphere through a class, you will usually gain sphere access multiple times. You may invest multiple “picks” into the same sphere, increasing Basic access to Advanced and the ability to use each spell three times per day, or Advanced to Expert and being able to use the spells at will.

The saving throw DC for a sphere is always 10+half your hit dice+your charisma modifier.

Spheres are powerful magic and always have an effect on the person who has them. Much like fiendish and celestial feats confer physical traits on those who possess them, spheres affect the mind of those who possess them in some way. A character with a fiendish sphere may regard holy symbols with disgust, or seem ill in temples of goodly gods. A character with a celestial sphere might conversely regard evil symbols with hatred or disgust, or feel driven to right every wrong they encounter, no matter how slight. Elemental spheres often have even more alien affects on their bearers, making them frequently disregard social mores. A character with the Earth elemental sphere may eschew bathing, preferring to allow dirt to build up and using earth or sand to scrub away foreign substances or cover ill odors.

Many spheres have multiple tags- Dust, for example, is appropriate to Air, Earth and Shadow elemental beings as well as fiends. In such cases, they may be selected by anyone with the appropriate natures, and the nature of the mental traits relies on the source of the sphere. A warlock with the Dust sphere will behave differently from a Genasi with the Dust sphere.

Aegis [Celestial], [Earth], [Ice]
Granted Power:
You radiate an aura of protection out to 10 feet. All allies in this aura receive a resistance bonus to saves OR a deflection bonus to AC equal to character level / 3, rounding up.
Special Bonus: If you upgrade this Sphere to Advanced access, your aura of protection grants a resistance bonus to saves AND a deflection bonus to AC.
Special Bonus: If you upgrade this Sphere to Expert access, your aura of protection goes out to Short range instead of 10 feet.
1: mage armor
3: resist energy
5: protection from energy
7: stoneskin
9: extended globe of invulnerability, lesser
11: energy immunity (as resist energy, but grants immunity instead of resistance)
13: spell turning
15: protection from spells
17: foresight
19: double extended (lasts for 3 times as long as normal) mind blank

Air [Air], [Fiend]
Granted Power:
Elemental – Your Fly speed improves by one maneuverability class and 10’. If already perfect, it improves by 20’. Fiend – You gain the (Air) Subtype and the above ability. If you have no Fly speed, you instead gain a Fly speed of 15’ (Good).
1: expeditious retreat (also applies to fly speed)
3: gaseous form
5: wind wall
7: control winds
9: overland flight
11: summon nature’s ally vi (cast as [air] spell only)
13: control weather
15: whirlwind
17: telekinesis, quickened (violent thrust only)
19: summon elemental monolith ([air] only, no need to concentrate)

Arctic [Ice], [Fiend]
Granted Power:
Your spell-like abilities with the [Cold] descriptor leave a frozen slick over all surfaces in their areas or touched by their Effects. This slick functions as a Grease spell, and lasts for two rounds.
1: chill metal
3: icy sphere (as flaming sphere, but cold)
5: sleet storm
7: polar ray
9: fire shield (chill shield only)
11: transmute mud to rock (new rock is frozen and gets ice slick)
13: prismatic spray (has [cold] descriptor)
15: flesh to ice, quickened
17: comet swarm (as meteor swarm, but cold)
19: earthquake with added ice storm (covers entire area of earthquake for full duration)

Bone [Fiend]
Granted Power:
Any creature of 10 HD or less killed by one of your spell-like abilities rises as a zombie under your control, with no control limits.
1: command undead
3: descecrate
5: animate dead
7: black sand
9: summon undead v
11: awaken dread warrior
13: revive undead
15: awaken undead
17: general of undeath
19: plague of undead

Bubbles [Fiend]
Granted Power:
Three times per day, you may use the Sculpt Spell metamagic on any spell-like ability you can use, but only if you do not use the cone option of this metamagic feat.
1: Flaming sphere
3: water breathing
5: magic circle against good
7: resilient sphere
9: binding
11: telekinetic sphere
13: forcecage
15: prismatic sphere
17: temporal stasis
19: time stop

Carnage [Fiend]
Granted Power:
All of your damaging spell-like abilities do vile damage.
1: seething eyebane
3: blade of fear and pain
5: lahm’s
nger darts
7: blade barrier
9: fleshshiver
11: disintigrate
13: flensing
15: horrid wilting
17: mass harm
19: implosion

Cold [Air], [Fiend], [Ice], [Water]
Granted Power:
You gain the [Cold] Subtype.
1: cone of cold
3: creeping cold
5: ice storm
7: wall of ice
9: freezing sphere
11: control weather
13: heat drain
15: freezing fog
17: fimbul winter
19: frostfell

Granted Power:
You are immune to fear.
1: bless (can be used as a swift action)
3: heroism
5: remove fear
7: heroes’ feast
9: righteous might
11: greater heroism
13: break enchantment (can be used as a swift action)
15: freedom
17: mass righteous might*
19: greater heroism (can be used as an immediate action)

Creation [Elemental], [Fiend]
Granted Power:
You gain a bonus [Item Creation] feat.
1: unseen servant
3: make whole
5: minor creation
7: stone shape
9: major creation
11: fabricate
13: wall of iron
15: magnificent mansion
17: wish (wealth and magic item only for free, spend for raise the dead and increase power of item only)
19: genesis (spc)

Death [Fiend]
Granted Power:
You are immune to any magical death effect You are also healed by negative energy like an undead creature (this does not interfere with any existing ability to be healed by positive energy).
1: death knell
3: ghoul gauntlet
5: vampire touch
7: enervation
9: raise dead
11: symbol of death
13: finger of death
15: death pact
17: wail of the banshee
19: implosion

Dominion [Elemental, [Fiend]
Granted Power:
Once per month, you may make one of these effects permanent.
1: obscuring mist
3: web
5: wall of fire
7: solid fog
9: black tentacles
11: programmed illusion
13: wall of force
15: teleport circle
17: gate (travel version only)
19: storm of vengeance

Dust [Air], [Earth], [Shadow], [Fiend]
Granted Power:
Your area spell-like abilities may, at your option, stir up a stinging dust cloud, inflicting a -2 penalty to Perception checks and a -1 penalty to attack rolls for one minute to any creature that does not successfully save against the spell. The cloud lasts one round, and its effects last one minute after the affected creature takes its last increase.
1: gust of wind
3: glitterdust
5: sleet storm ([air], not [cold], descriptor. fine dust has same effect as ice)
7: disintegrate
9: cloudkill
11: mass blindness (as blindness/deafness, but blindness only, 1 creature/level)
13: creeping doom
15: horrid wilting
17: summon golem (clay only)
19: disintegrate (usable as an immediate action)

Electricity [Air], [Earth], [Shadow], [Fiend]
Granted Power:
You gain Immunity to Electricity.
1: lightning bolt
3: shocking ray (as scorching ray, but electric)
5: orb of electricity
7: chain lightning
9: electric shield (sonic shield, but electricity)
11: thunder field
13: power word: stun
15: greater shout, electric-substituted
17: lightning bolt, maximized and uncapped
19: chain lightning, quickened

Ether [Elemental] (except Shadow)
Granted Power:
Your equipment all gains the Ghost Touch property.
1: alarm
3: see invisibility
5: blink
7: baleful blink
9: mage’s faithful hound
11: ethereal jaunt
13: greater arcane sight
15: maze
17: etherealness
19: gate (travel version only)

Exorcism [Celestial]
Granted Power:
You gain the ability to turn undead three times per day as a good-aligned cleric of the same level as the class that granted you this sphere. You cannot use these turning attempts to power divine feats.
1: protection from evil
3: consecrate
5: magic circle against evil
7: dispel evil
9: disrupting weapon
11: banishment
13: holy word
15: sunburst
17: undeath’s eternal foe (spc)
19: freedom

Fire [Fiend], [Fire]
Granted Power:
You gain the [Fire] subtype.
1: fireball
3: scorching ray
5: firetrap
7: wall of fire
9: fireshield
11: incendiary cloud
13: blackfire
15: fire seeds
17: meteor swarm
19: flame strike (this ability can be used as an immediate action).

Frostbite [Fiend], [Ice], [Water], [Shadow]
Granted Power:
Any creature taking cold damage from your spell-like abilities is frostbitten (treat as fatigued, which is removed when the damage is healed). If you have Frostburn, you may use those frostbite rules if you want.
1: shivering touch
3: freezing ray (as scorching ray, but cold subtyped
and doing cold damage).
5: shivering touch, greater
7: cone of cold
9: flesh to ice
11: entomb
13: flesh to ice, chained
15: frostfell
17: iceburg
19: soul bind (uses a piece of ice to hold the soul)

Healing [Celestial]
Granted Power:
Any spells of the Healing subschool that you cast (including SLAs) have a range of 30ft, unless it would normally be longer.
1: cure moderate wounds
3: lesser restoration
5: cure critical wounds
7: mass cure critical wounds
9: heal
11: restoration
13: ressurection
15: mass heal
17: heal (can be used as an immediate action)
19: greater restoration (can be used as an immediate action)

Heresy [Fiend]
Granted Power:
Gain immunity to the Destroyed result of Turning and the Commanded result of Rebuking.
1: align weapon (evil only)
3: desecrate
5: magic circle against good
7: unholy sword
9: planar ally, lesser
11: dispel good
13: unhallow
15: blasphemy
17: gate
19: miracle

Judgement [Celestial]
Granted Power:
You gain Intimidate as a class skill, and may demoralise an opponent as a swift action.
1: doom
3: mark of the outcast [sc]
5: awaken sin [sc]
7: castigate [sc]
9: sicken evil [boed]
11: wages of sin [boed]
13: tomb of light [boed]
15: last judgement [boed]
17: rain of black tulips [boed]
19: sanctify the wicked [boed]

Granted Power:
You shed light like a torch, and can suppress or resume this ability at-will. This ability is considered extraordinary.
1: faerie fire
3: searing light
5: daylight
7: sunbeam
9: sunburst
11: true seeing
13: power word blind
15: prismatic wall
17: prismatic sphere
19: sunburst (can be used as an immediate action)

Magic [Celestial], [Fiend]
Granted Power:
You gain the Scribe Scroll feat. You can treat scrolls as spellbooks.
1: magic missile
3: arcane sight
5: anyspell
7: mnemonic enhancer
9: lesser spell matrix
11: greater anyspell
13: limited wish
15: spell engine
17: antimagic field
19: wish

Majesty [Celestial]
Granted Power:
You gain Diplomacy as a class skill. Additionally, you may use your Charisma modifier on any skills dependent on Wisdom or Intelligence instead.
1: lantern light [boed]
3: glorious raiment [boed]
5: crown of flame [boed]
7: luminous armor [boed]
9: sicken evil [boed]
11: crown of brilliance [boed]
13: heaven’s trumpet [boed]
15: crown of glory [sc]
17: blinding glory [boed]
19: greater aspect of the deity [boed]

Martyrdom [Celestial]
Granted Power:
You never lose experience, levels, or attribute points from death or resurrection.
1: divine sacrifice [sc]
3: shield other
5: consecrated masochism [bovd, consecrate spell from boed]
7: blood of the martyr (immediate action) [boed]
9: renewal pact [sc]
11: karmic retribution [cm]
13: tomb of light [boed]
15: phoenix fire [boed]
17: transcend mortality [cm]
19: exalted fury [boed]

Metal [Earth], [Fire], [Fiend]
Granted Power:
You may burrow through metal using any existing Burrow speed.
1: magic vestment
3: chill metal (special bonus: heat metal, uses same slots)
5: keen edge
7: rusting grasp
9: major creation (metals only)
11: wall of iron
13: blade barrier
15: iron body
17: binding
19: summon golem (iron only)

Mystery [Celestial], [Fiend], [Shadow]
Granted Power:
You benefit from a constant undetectable alignment effect.
1: disguise self
3: silence
5: blacklight
7: greater invisibility
9: mirage arcana
11: forbiddance
13: screen
15: mind blank
17: etherealness
19: time stop

Oracle [Elemental]
Granted Power:
Roll all chances for a divination you cast to work or backfire twice, and take the more advantageous result.
1: identify
3: augury
5: tongues
7: divination
9: commune
11: true seeing
13: vision
15: discern location
17: metafaculty (psionic power)
19: wish (undo misfortune and turn back time only, no exp cost for undo misfortune if you don’t undo the same round more than once)

Piety [Celestial]
Granted Power:
If you succeed on a Sense Motive check (opposed by Bluff), you know the target’s alignment. If you fail, you cannot make another attempt until you gain another rank of Sense Motive.
1: bless
3: aid
5: prayer
7: lesser globe of invulnerability
9: hallow
11: heroes’ feast
13: refuge
15: holy aura
17: gate (calling version only)
19: miracle

Plant [Wood]
Granted Power:
You gain the Druid’s Wilderness Stride ability.
1: entangle
3: wood shape (bonus: warp wood)
5: plant growth
7: command plants
9: wall of thorns
11: liveoak
13: animate plants
15: control plants
17: shambler
19: mass awaken (trees only)

Prayer [Celestial]
Granted Power:
You gain Perform (oratory) as a class skill. Additionally, any spell or SLA with the [Sonic] descriptor that you use has its area of effect doubled.
1: prayer
3: shout
5: dismissal
7: greater shout
9: commune
11: word of recall
13: power word stun
15: blasphemy/holy word/dictum/word of chaos (choose one when you gain this level, and you cannot choose one of opposite alignment to your own)
17: wail of the banshee
19: 19: power word kill (can be used as a swift action)

Pyre [Fiend], [Fire]
Granted Power:
Fire damage from your spell-like abilities bypasses Fire Resistance, but not immunity to Fire.
1: burning hands
3: flame blade
5: fireball
7: charnal fire
9: parboil
11: ashen union
13: fireball, quickened
15: incendary cloud
17: gate (calling version only, fire subtype creatures only)
19: storm of vengeance (all elemental damage is fire damage)

Quicksand [Earth], [Water], [Fiend]
Granted Power:
You can walk and stand on soft or sticky ground, even quicksand, as if it was firm.
1: soften earth and stone
3: earthen grasp (carc)
5: water walk
7: stony grasp (carc)
9: transmute rock to mud
11: acid fog
13: flesh to stone
15: sympathy
17: gate (travel only)
19: imprisonment

Granted Power:
You gain a +3 bonus on saves against mind-affecting effects.
1: entangle
3: web
5: stinking cloud
7: black tentacles
9: wall of stone
11: repulsion
13: forcecage
15: prismatic wall
17: temporal stasis
19: imprisonment

Granted Power:
You receive a +2 bonus on all Knowledge checks, and never count as untrained in any Knowledge skill.
1: detect evil
3: detect thoughts
5: clairaudience/clairvoyance
7: divination
9: true seeing
11: find the path
13: legend lore
15: discern location
17: foresight
19: astral projection

Roots [Earth]
Granted Power:
You can heal yourself by one hit point per spell-like ability this Sphere has granted you as a standard action as long as you are in either light as bright as natural sunlight or standing on earth (stone if you can burrow into it).
1: pass without trace
3: barkskin
5: poison
7: antiplant shell
9: transport via plants
11: ironwood
13: transmute metal to wood
15: regenerate
17: clone (self only, must grow in earth)
19: soul bind (uses a seed to hold the soul)

Seduction [Fiend]
Granted Power:
You gain a +2 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive.
1: entice gift
3: suggestion
5: glibness
7: charm monster
9: sympathy
11: mass suggestion
13: mass charm
15: simulacrum
17: programmed amnesia
19: mind rape

Shadow [Shadow], [Fiend]
Granted Power:
You can see in any kind of darkness, even magical darkness, out to 60’, or 30’ more than you normally could, whichever is more.
1: darkness
3: mirror image
5: displacement
7: shadow conjuration
9: shadow evocation
11: shadow walk
13: project image
15: greater shadow conjuration (specical bonus: greater shadow evocation)
17: simulacrum
19: shades

Sleep [Fiend]
Granted Power:
You can coup de grace a sleeping foe as an attack action.
1: deep slumber
3: waves of fatigue
5: waves of exhaustion
7: dream
9: nightmare
11: symbol of sleep
13: demand
15: weird
17: programmed amnesia
19: astral projection

Smoke [Air], [Fire], [Shadow], [Fiend]
Granted Power:
Any [Fire] spell-like ability you cast that affects an area may, at your option, produce a smoke cloud that provides concealment to any creature more than 5’ away through it, and total concealment to any creature more than 10’ away through it. This smoke cloud lasts for one round per caster level.
1: heat metal
3: pyrotechnics
5: stinking cloud
7: flame blade, quickened
9: cloudkill
11: mirage arcana
13: delayed blast fireball
15: horrid wilting
17: implosion
19: summon efreeti (as summon monster ix, but summons an efreeti)

Granted Power:
You gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive
1: charm person
3: eagle’s splendor
5: flame strike
7: glorious form (as monstrous form in the dungeonomicon, except the new form appears glorious instead of monstrous)
9: sympathy
11: greater heroism
13: planar ally
15: sunburst
17: weird
19: implosion

Stone [Earth, [Fiend]
Granted Power:
You gain the Tremorsense ability, allowing you to detect and target anything touching the ground within 60 feet of yourself.
1: earth glide
3: spike stones
5: stone shape
7: stone tell
9: wall of stone
11: move earth
13: transmute rock to mud (special bonus: trans-
mute mud to rock)
15: earthquake
17: meteor swarm
19: genesis

Terror [Fiend]
Granted Power:
Gain Intimidate as a class skill, and may make an Intimidate check to Demoralize Opponent as a free action once a round.
1: cause fear
3: scare
5: halt undead
7: fear
9: phantasmal killer
11: symbol of fear
13: eyebite
15: fear, quickened
17: weird
19: wail of the banshee

Venom [Fiend]
Granted Power:
Gain immunity to poison.
1: desecrate
3: poison
5: bestow curse
7: mind poison
9: cloudkill
11: major creation (poison or venom only)
13: circle of death
15: finger of death
17: shapechange (venomous creatures only)
19: symbol of death

Granted Power:
Whenever you heal someone with a spell-like ability, they recover additional HP equal to your ranks in the Heal skill.
1: cure light wounds
3: shield other
5: cure serious wounds
7: death ward
9: raise dead
11: heal
13: greater restoration
15: greater spell immunity
17: mass heal
19: true resurrection

Violation [Fiend]
Granted Power:
Gain the telepathy special quality. If you already have this special quality, or later gain it from another source, then you gain detect thoughts as an at-will spell like ability.
1: hypnotism
3: suggestion
5: modify memory
7: dominate person
9: lesser planar binding
11: geas
13: greater planar binding
15: dominate monster
17: gate (calling version only)
19: mind rape

Voracity [Fiend]
Granted Power:
Any time one of your spell-like abilities grants negative levels or ability damage/drain to a target, you heal 5 HPs of damage per level or point.
1: death knell
3: shadow spray
5: vampiric touch
7: enervation
9: magic jar
11: power leech
13: steal life
15: energy drain
17: reaving dispel
19: absorption

Water [Water], [Fiend]
Granted Power:
You gain the (Water) subtype and a Swim speed equal to your base land speed. If you already have those, your Swim speed improves by 10’
1: grease ([water] descriptor)
3: quench
5: control water
7: freedom of movement
9: transmute rock to mud
11: acid fog
13: telekinetic sphere (the sphere is filled with water, water weighs nothing for your telekinesis)
15: arctic cloud (as incendiary cloud, but cold damage)
17: summon elemental monolith ([water] only)
19: crushing hand

Weather [Air], [Water], [Fiend]
Granted Power:
You suffer no penalties due to weather conditions
1: obscuring mist
3: sleet storm
5: call lightning storm
7: solid fog
9: control winds
11: control weather
13: acid fog
15: horrid wilting
17: meteor swarm
19: storm of vengeance

Yuan-Ti [Yuan-Ti]
Granted Power:
Yuan ti may detect poison at will
1st: Darkness
3rd: Charm Person
5th: Fear
7th: Polymorph (snakes only)
9th: Dominate Person
11th: Symbol of Fear
13th: Creeping Doom (the swarm is composed of tiny vipers)
15th: Scintillating Pattern
17th: Dominate Monster
19th: Shapechange (Scalykind only)


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